#26 The End

Well friends, the time has come. [raise the roof and have some fun, throw away the work to be done, let the music play-on-play-on. Everybody sing, everybody dance, lose yourself in wild romance, we’re going to, party, cur rumba, fiesta, forever, come on and sing a-long we’re going to party, cur rumba, fiesta, forever, come and sing, my song, ALL NIGHT LONG, all night, all night, ALL NIGHT LONG, all night, all night, everyone you meet, they’re dancing in the street all night long, ALL NIGHT LONG, all night, all night, ALL NIGHT LONG]


ANYWAY. This will (probably) be the last ever blog post I put up on here.

pianomanphil.wordpress.com has served me well, but it’s time to move on. My hours of slogging away with codes and widgets never really gave me the effect I wanted. It has evolved though and from “why I made this here blog” and “those shoes” to it’s current state, there hasn’t been a time where I’ve wanted to throw it in the bin.

As I say though, this is the last post on here.

The reason being, my new website is the next location of this bloggywog. philipyeo.co.uk is, at time of writing, still being set up and so will currently show very little. After hours of trying to put this one onto that one (to make the transition a little more seamless) it has proved impossible (though if anyone would like to correct me, they’re more than welcome).

Blog posts will continue (whether you like it or not), and they’ll be at their new home here.

The current blog will stay as it is, and the next one will start from #27, so I’m not painting over history, (as much as I dislike some of what I’ve written). Pianoman Podcast’s site will live in its usual placefor the time being, until I decide different.

Most people won’t care about this new site thingy, but I’m rather excited about it!

I hope to have a new video up soon, just as soon as I get out of this pit of feeling like nothing I do is worth it/good enough.

The site should be up and running fully within a couple of weeks, as I’m currently juggling editing PP (yes, that’s still a thing, a little later than planned due to various things, but still a thing), school work, and now, with my guitar arriving tomorrow, learning how to get my fingers to do what they’re told.

I apologise if this bored you, but it’s my life, and right now, this is as interesting as it gets. All there seems to be left to say now, though, is:




*there is actually a slight tear in my eye. I have no idea why.

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#25 Yes, I Know.

Here’s the thing.

I really do try.

It may not seem like it, but I try to put a lot of work into the stuff I make. It often takes days to do so (case in point, my edit of “Haunted” which can be found below). I usually have to make sacrifices because I’m putting it out there for people to see. Which means that the end product isn’t always as I’d like, I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve, and I’m quite protective of content I make.

One thing that I don’t make /as many/ sacrifices in, is this here blog. (I’m in the process of making a full and proper website, so it won’t be long before we’ll be saying goodbye to this in its current format.) As a result, some of things make little sense and are really rather boring.

I haven’t deleted them because it would mess up the numbering structure. But here’s how it works. The only posts which I deem to be actually reader worthy, are #20.

Now that you know I know this, we can move on to the point. I was told today “I read through your blog. I’m not gonna lie, it bored me.”

If you’re bored by what I write, or make, or play, fine. Stop consuming it. Or leave a comment. Pease, don’t contact me directly to criticise me. I try to build on any feedback I get, but it’s rather difficult when it is purely destructive. I also take issue with those who do not create, actively discoursing those who do. (case in point: “TV’s Fun” comment; “is this supposed to be funny?”. Look at the commenter’s profile and you find no content whatsoever)

The vast majority of you are incredibly lovely and encouraging, and support me when I go through times of “I’m stopping uploading things. They’re awful.” but there are some, who for some reason wish to do the opposite. I look not only to the YouTube community on this. I have recently imposed a rule on myself of not playing [a musical instrument] around friends/public. As someone said a little while ago, on a friend of mine sitting at the piano, “oh thank god it’s [my friend] for once and not Phil. At least when he plays it’s a treat.”

Yes, I’m taking comments too personally. Yes, haters gonna hate. Yes, I’m sounding bitter, self-obsessed and horrible. So yes, I am going to end the post here.



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#24 You Can Buy Stuff If You Want lol

I don’t usually do short update posts, but this is one of many I hope!

So, quite a few people have asked me to make t-shirts or something and so I have. You can buy them here

They retail at $17.99, because that’s as cheap as they sell for when you’re not super-mega-awesome-famous. [EDIT: For the Brits amongst you, I’ve figured out that the cost in sterling including international shipping is about £17.99, so you’re getting a similar deal to the yanks. I know it’s a bit steep, but it’s the best I can do for the time being] The tee’s look like this:

20120227-005310.jpg 20120227-005325.jpg

At the moment you can only buy “that is not a thing” in either black or White, in any size you can wish for, in unisex, but I’m soon going to make a hoodie version, and I have a couple more in the design stage. Keep your eyes pealed.

So, go take a look at the products, if you like something (and can afford it) then feel free to buy away. If not, then that’s fine too. 🙂

PS for only 3 lines of text, those tees took far too long to make!

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#23 Sound Stuff

Recently, I started volunteering at a local community radio station, and as such, my life recently has become sort of swamped in sound stuff. It has also helped to get my creative flows, flowing, once again (I’m feeling more inspired and motivated).

THEREFORE, there will soon be some stuff flying at your faces, and I thought I should address this before it begins. FIRSTLY, there is no cause for alarm, there aren’t any particularly pointed corners which could cause you harm, so that’s all good. SO, WHAT ARE THESE THINGS YOU SPEAK OF?! I hear you screaming at me. Well, please stop being so irate, I was just about to tell you.

Every month or so, I have some of event, to celebrate life and the fact that we’re all still alive and existing, (or I use some other form of excuse) and recently it was a dinner party. My house ended up looking like a restaurant at times, but it was very fun to do!

20120212-165051.jpgANYWAY, whilst people were eating, myself and a very talented friend of mine, who goes by the name of Sean Saville, performed like dancing monkeys (in my case, a poorly trained one). Therefore, at pianomanphil.bandcamp.com you can here the recordings of such performances. If you are a devoted fan and will ONLY LISTEN TO PIANOMANPHIL CONTENT (I do hope that every single person reading this, is one of those) then you can skip to Choices, though doing so would mean missing out on some excellent renditions from Mr Seanus.

There is one little thing I should mention about the “album” type thing. My set included two songs which I wrote. I am not sure whether they will be on the album (though it is more than likely), but they are not completely finished yet. Therefore, they are bonus tracks, AVAILABLE VIA DOWNLOAD ONLY. Ooooooh, I’m such a diva(!)

NOW, FOR SOME BIG NEWS WOT IS NOT THAT BIG, BUT IS DEFINITELY NEW NEWS. You know that thing? That podcast thing? Yeah, that, well that’s coming back. I’m not 100% whether it will still be called pianoman pocast, but it will definitely contain the best elements of PP, with the useless unfunny stuff. I may well re-record the theme tune into something different, and it will probably have more structure than the past version. ALSO, SOMETHING THAT IS VERY GOOD ABOUT THE NEW PODCAST, is that we I will not be having a different guest each week, instead, I will be joined by the awesomeness that is BMLRobins each and every week. He is incredibly talented, and I’m sure will add a huge amount to the show. ALSO, we are hoping to record a full series of 6 episodes. It may well never go past that point, but at this moment, that is my target.

I think that is all I have to tell you at the moment. I am VERY excited about the new podcast, and I hope that you are to.

As always, thanks for reading this post, and listening to the above things (in advance).



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#22 My Online World of Late

Wow so I’m back on this again!

Having been gone an awfully long time, I thought that now was as good a time as any to revive my blog. Unlike many other social networks, I don’t regret starting this, at all, and I’m still almost satisfied with a few things I’ve put on here.

Old points still stand, no corrections, no promises of correct grammar or spelling, just ramblings, honesty and me.

NOW, today felt like the right time because I finally have enough things to tell you about. So:

1) an album


I’ve just realised that I’ve written at least half an album. That means that the songs are finished and ready to be recorded. Which is terribly exciting. At the moment, I seem to be writing them at the rate of once a month, and so I might (but don’t hold your breath) be able to keep to my target of having a physical album available by my 17th birthday. So that’ll be nice. Not that you’ll have to buy it or anything… But it’ll be on BandCamp as well of course. Which brings me to my next point, which ties in rather closely.

2 (or 1.b, depending on how you look at it)) t-shirts

For a while, people have been asking me whether I’m ever going to do t-shirts. And I don’t really know why. I’m not a celebrity, and I’m not that talented, so I’m not sure I really deserve a place on your torso, BUT nonetheless, if/when the album does come out, I shall make a t-shirt to go with it, readily available at the same time. Again EXCITING, even if I am the only person to buy it! (if I do end up finishing it by my birthday, I’m going to be very easy to buy for)

3 (a separate point this time) videos

NOW, strangely, a few select people seem to like the odd little visual interpretations of my mind (often known as “videos”) which I put on these here interwebs, and so have been wondering why I haven’t been doing much lately. WELL, let me clear this up, I’ve never, ever had a time scale in which I make videos. It usually turns out that it’s once a month, but this isn’t always the case. I find that if I do them too often then they don’t turn out to the standard I was hoping and I’m less inclined to make them in the future.

3.b (just because I say so) “without a paddle”

Linked to this, is my most recent video “without a paddle” which, considering my doubts about it, has had a pretty decent reaction. It is the first time where I’ve made a video and have been really reliant on others to make it work, and I think it was that, that made it what it is. Without James (or “ponytail” as he is now known) doing his impromptu one liners, there wouldn’t have been an immediate laugh element. Without Gemma staring into space there wouldn’t have been a recurring joke. Without Sean there wouldn’t have been much of a story, and without Ben, there wouldn’t have been a video at all.


As I say, it was first, but definitely not the last time, I have worked with a group of people on a video. I say, “not the last” as I’m currently working on an even larger project with some of the most talented people I know. I won’t give too much away, as it’s still a huge working progress, but I’m hoping it’s going to be the best one yet.

3.c changes to videos

Ok, so nothing big is really changing, I’m just trying to sort of veer away from vlogging. I feel like it’s not something I’m great at, and that my time and yours, could be better spent on more interesting and varied projects.

Having said that, every time anyone (including myself) says that they want to stop vlogging, they seem to end up doing it just as much, so we shall just see where life takes us.

But really, my channel is for my AND YOUR, enjoyment, so it’d be lovely to get your thoughts on what I should be doing as well!

4 (or 3.d whatever, just make your own mind up) a camera

So I got a new camera, which means that all videos are now in HD! It does however mean that my computer now comes to virtually a complete halt when I try to edit something, so the cuts may not be as smooth as I’d like, but we’ll all have to live with it until I switch over to mac.

I think that’s all I have to tell you this time. I’m not going to promise that I’ll write another one of these anytime in the future, but we’ll see, it may just be a way of me giving you little updates, and I may put it on some form of website. I don’t know.



PS. My business cards are on their way. Just thought you should know. 😀

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#21 Raising My Hands

So, recently, I uploaded a blogpost where I sort of slated religion and alternative medicines etc. But the point I wish to focus on in this brief post, is where I mentioned how science differs from alternative thinking methods, predominantly, the ability for those of a scientific nature, to put their hands up and admit when they are wrong.

And well, I’m not doing that completely, but I would like to say something along those lines.

One of my friends is incredibly intelligent. He is one of the top young mathematicians in the country (he’s done competitions and shit) and yet, he is a strict Christian. We often get into debates (yesterday for instants) and nothing he says ever really comes close to convincing me that there is the slightest possibility of the existence of a God.

However, after publishing post #20, I asked my friend Carly (my first (and only) fangirl) what she thought of alternative medicine and the like (you don’t want to hurt your fangirl after all!) and the below is the answer she gave me.


THAT, is, I think, a wonderfully moving and profound rambling, from a lovely person.

So, I put my hands up, and say, alternative medicine does help people. More than just in a therapeutic way, but in the many ways Carly mentioned.

Thank you for putting up with these two more serious blogs, funnier ones to come, I promise!



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#20 Alternative Medicine

Yep, so this is a thing I’m doing again now! I’ve finally gotten around to writing a new post, so here it is!

So something that you probably don’t know about me is that up until the age of around 11, my mum took me to a homeopath.

Homeopathy is probably the most widely known and popular form of alternative medicine and (for those who don’t know) is the basic principal that water has memory.

The process of creating a homeopathic remedy involves taking a tiny molecule of a natural extract that would usually cause the condition you’re attempting to solve, then diluting it in huge amounts of water. I’m unsure of the exact quantities, but I’m sure the resulting mixture is in the region of 1 part extract to 1,000,000 parts water (that’s more water than in the Atlantic ocean by the way). The idea being that the water remembers the extract it once had in it (and as pointed out so eloquently by Mr Tim Minchin in his song/poem “storm”: it some how forgets all the shit it’s had in it), homeopathy also states that the element becomes more potent, the more diluted it is (so basically against everything common sense tells us).


Much like religion, at the time I was too young to question what exactly homeopathy, but now that I have, much like religion, looked at the situation objectively and asked “do I really believe that?” I have found that no, I don’t.

I also find it incredibly frustrating when people dismiss regular medicine, instead opting for alternative remedies, stating that “the state is out to get us” etc, and siting useless and irrelevant facts. “Alternative medicine”, by definition, has never been proven. It has no scientific basis and has not been experimented fully with.

And why not? You may ask. Well, for the same reason many things aren’t explored fully, it’s because some aspect of society is scared. Scared that actually, they might have to accept that in their desperate attempts to seem right, and unique, they’ve wandered far from the truth.

And now, of course, I understand, I’m working on the assumption that everything I say is the truth, but after all, that’s what a belief is. Those who say, I believe that God exists, but that he’s only really metaphorical (or something a little less obvious), are perhaps the most infuriating of all. In order to ‘believe’ in something, but must (to yourself) /know/ it to be true.

You can’t have a half baked theory and then fill in the gaps!

That’s why I prefer a scientific way of thinking, because science doesn’t “fill in the gaps”. It looks for answers. Alright, so maybe it doesn’t always find them, but it says ‘we don’t know that part. Yet.’ and if it’s wrong, it accepts it.

Just like, if ever any substantial and physical proof that God exists, or homeopathy works, comes to light, I will completely hold up my hands and say I’m wrong. I have always maintained that I will do that, and I fully intend to do so, if any such thing, ever does happen.


But, and this is a big but! Homeopathy DOES work! No, not just because of a placebo, or any possibility of some watery brain, no. The process of giving the medication works.

The patient is given a half hour slot in which they can discuss many different problems that they’re experiencing in life, and the ‘doctor’ sits back, listens and is very sympathetic.

But then, that’s not homeopathy. That’s therapy.



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