#2 Fangirl

I will admit that for a (so called) male, I fangirl over a rather large (and probably dangerous) amount of things.

I fangirl over when one of my favourite (30) youtubers uploads something, I fangirl when a new episode of doctor who starts, and I fangirl when someone phones me (it doesn’t happen very often).

But one thing/man which (if you have watched some of my earlier videos) you will know that I fan girl over, is Derren Brown. (If you really want to know why then I would be happy to divulge my list of reasons, but I shan’t bore you right now.) So when I saw that his upcoming tour would be visiting a theatre near me, I of course didn’t not pass up the opportunity to snap up some tickets.

Unfortunately, the aforementioned theatre was one of the last places to start selling tickets, it was intact many weeks before they started going in sale and so, of course, me being me, I forgot about it.


Now don’t worry, I DID get tickets, but they are ‘restricted viewing’ (which basically means that they are extraordinarily close to the front and on the far right), and so, the ticket woman decided to try to sell me ones which were (no joke) 60 rows back from the ones which I was looking at on the website.

Whilst she wasn’t to know that I was such a massive fan girl, I did have to spend around 20 minutes, trying to persuade her that I wasn’t bothered about the fact that I might strain my neck and that I just wanted her to ‘sell me the damn tickets’.

I bought the tickets and them gave them to my parents who then preceded to give them to me as a Christmas present (don’t ask) and as soon as I saw that the tickets had gone on sale I knew who I was going with.

Sean has been my closest and most supportive friend for 5 years, (he is incredibly intelligent and funny and so (inevitably) he now has a girlfriend. Countless times, she has told me that I am ‘taking her man out on a date’ and that I should ‘have him back in one peice’ even though ‘what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her’. And even though I have respectfully refused her offers many times, she won’t take no for an answer (the lovely girl!)) and I am looking forward to finally spending an evening with him (without using his gf’s suggestions) after many months!

So, next Wednesday I am off to see the man himself – though I am slightly worried about how much he seems to dislike this theatre (I will admit that the acoustics are terrible) – and I will of course, be rubbing it into a certain friend of mine’s face. (I shall tell you about her another time).

Thank you for putting up with my rambling,


: D


About Philip K. Yeo

Media Production student at Lincoln.
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