#4 Vinyl

That’s right, I’m now trying to write blogposts for my videos as they upload, oh dear! I do hope this works!

Anyway, Vinyl

As I listed in my description this was my first video response, I had kept meaning to create one, but things kept popping up, and as Alex’s video intertwined with the video I was planning, I thought this would be a prime oportunity.

I have always rather enjoyed the sound of vinyl, but even more than that, I have found it fascinating. I’ve always been highly interested in how things work, but always so keen to keep things the way that they were left – feeling that my touch was inferior to other’s and sometimes not getting out of bed when I was little, if my parents had tucked me in, as I was afraid to ruin their work (a self-esteem issue I’m sure). But the record player’s main process is laid bare (that term always makes me giggle) for all to see. I’m also, still fascinated at how, without any speakers, you can still faintly hear the song playing, which you just don’t get with CDs etc.


As for the Aural CD, my friend Sarah just randomly said to me the other day “did you have that CD with the woman on it” followed by THE most wonderful impression, my reply was of course “OH MY GOD I LOVE THAT WOMAN!!” and Sarah told me to include her in a video – so I did, cos it seemed kinda relevant.

I am currently writing a normal blog which will be posted in due course.


: D


About Philip K. Yeo

Media Production student at Lincoln.
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