#6 Judgement

I took my mum out for mothers day on Friday night (as she’s away on the Sunday) and t’was a very interesting, with some occurrences being worthy of a blog post – apparently.

I always enjoy going for a meal with my mum as it’s not often that I get to spend time with just one of them (except when either one of them is off galavanting round the world to egypt, or … The isle of Wight). Usually when we go out we will discuss mum’s business, ideas for future projects of mine and holidays, and Friday was no exception, except this time, there were a couple of differences.

We had booked a table a couple of weeks before (after changing the time and day 3 times) and so were surprised when we were offered the choice of 3 different tables, we opted for a corner table, not realising at the time, that our next door neighbour would be at the table directly next to us.


The lady who lives next to us is a dear old soul with a little White occasionally loud dog, who is the stereotypical villager.

My village is known for being “posh” though I can assure you that the majority of it’s inhabitants are not, and this lady attends everything that you would expect from an elderly person, she not only used to attend – so I’m told – the WI, but she also took all of the possible courses available at the local hall.

Why is this relevant you ask?

Well because I was terribly aware of my etiquette – or lack of – through the WHOLE meal. Which did slightly taint the evening, and as they were leaving, not only did two of the woman – from the table of 8 – ask us for the full details of each course, but my mum ended up having an in-depth (sort of) with one lady about how they used to attend flower arranging courses together.

The lady did of course not recognise my mum and seemed terribly surprised to discover that she would mix with such people.

Her surprise only grew when she discovered that we lived in her village.

My smirks at her expression were well masked and it seems that only my mum noticed – who then had to disguise her giggles as she realised what I was laughing at.

This is an interesting point, and one which I will not dwell on for too long, but I have always been very interested in how the mind works – something which I will write about at another time – and it seems that I now have the ability to convey my thoughts and feelings without actually consciously making a change to my expression. This only tends to happen with whom I feel I have a real “connection”, and I feel that this doesn’t happen with very many people, I can do this with my mum and a wonderful girl called Rhianna who I have known for 12 out of my 15 years on this earth. And doesn’t happen very often either. As I say, hardly worth mentioning really, but I think the reason behind it is probably a combination of because I’ve known these people for so long they are very familiar with my thought process and subconscious processing of micro-expressions.

My interest with minds is related to the next little activity which I often enjoy and which I partook in on Friday “people watching”. For something so terribly perverted sounding it amazingly harmless. For those of you who aren’t aware of what this is, it is simply the act of watching people go arbotu their daily business.

I always rather enjoy guessing people’s relationships or jobs.

For instance, there were two couples next to us. The closest to us were sat at a square table with the man on his phone and the woman not paying much attention. This shows that the couple are not in their early stages, but their nice clothes showed that they probably weren’t more than a year into the relationship as they were still making an effort – seemingly effortlessly.

The couple next to them consisted of a blonde woman with rather large tits and a man who looked very much like a nerd. She was doing all the talking, and he kept switching between resting his chin on the top of an upside down t shape made by his arms, and his hand in front of his face. This says that they were only on their first or second date and that he’s trying not to put his foot in it.

Obvious thing perhaps, yes, but I rather enjoyed it.

My point is this, we make judgements, whether it be that old woman thinking that we weren’t posh enough for her village, or my mum and I guessing where that blonde woman over there was the brown haired woman’s sister cos the brown woman hadn’t spoken to the blonde woman’s husband all night.

Judgments are not always bad.

We have to judge how to tackle a situation.

Judging makes us human.

Sorry if this is all completely incoherent but my feet have just gone to sleep and now I must join them.


: D


About Philip K. Yeo

Media Production student at Lincoln.
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