#8 Stop making such a fuss!!

So I went to the orthodontist today.


I’ve had braces for over 2 years, and they’re not that hard to spot! When first having them fitted I must admit that I found the process rather painful. My body was not used to experiencing pain, as I do try to avoid it at all costs.

This resulted in my immune system taking a bit of a bashing and so I came down with the worst flu (and I mean flu, not just some cold) that I have ever experienced. It resulted in me being ill for well over 3 weeks. This was not a good experience.

However, on returning to school, I was of course asked why I had been off ill for so long – by students. Well, I have always found explaining myself to people, to be an excruciating and annoying experience, for many reasons, one being that I feel that I’m making too big a deal out of something if I explain it.

Seeing as I wanted to get it out of the way as soon as possible I gave the EXTREMELY stupid answer of “because of my braces”. When asked for more details, I simply waived my hands and said that it didn’t matter. As a result, for years, – and when I say years, I mean that it still occasionally still happens now – I had comments mocking my inability to have a lump of metal shoved into my dominant facial orifice, have it wiggled about a bit and then wrenched by some pliers.

Like many things in life, I learnt to deal with the pain, and deal with the comments, and I’m bald to say that a trip to the orthodontist is now little more than a mild irritation as it usually means mucking up my schedule.

But, today, I was given some stupidly flimsy elastic bands, and informed that I must wear these for at least 23 hours a day, and only take them off to eat etc.

I consider myself to be quite a clean individual. I wash my hands far to often when preparing food, I can’t stand to stand in mud, or get my hands dirty. And so, sticking my hands into my mouth everyday, is at least a rather disgusting prospect.

This, alone would be bad enough, but unfortunately, the bands go from the top, to the bottom of the mouth on either side, and feel terribly restrictive.

They’re also not terribly conspicuous, but I’m glad that I’m having it done anyway, as the braces are coming out all together, one week before my prom.

How terribly vain of me.


: D


About Philip K. Yeo

Media Production student at Lincoln.
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