#9 Perhaps

In the car yesterday, my mum said to me “I’ve got a good feeling! I think that we’re all gonna start a fresh and we’ll be much better for it!”

Usually when my mum talks about the future my mind always brings up images of youtube etc as I can’t help but think that I’d like it to play an integral part in MY future. This is interesting as on a completely separate occasion (more than once) my mum has stated that she thinks that that’s where my career will come from.

I’m not saying that because she’s said it, it’s gonna happen, I’m saying that it’s funny how we have similar thoughts sometimes (though hers are always much more optimistic than mine).

Anyway, I couldn’t help but think of the internet, and how I wanted my channel to progress, and then I thought, “it’s time for me to stop fucking about and just get on with finishing that music”. So, today, I did. It has taken me from the day I wrote blog post #5 until now to get it done, but I am actually rather pleased with the result.

You can hear it below:

I have also started on a video for it, which should be up in the near future and which I have decided to dedicate to Elisabeth Sladen who sadly passed away on Tuesday. I will talk about the video more when I do a post about it.

As for the song, people seem to like it, (I think) and so I’m hoping that my other tracks (which I will be starting work on soon as they’re already written) will be up to the same standard.


As much as I could stand and pick holes at it, the broader picture is more what I am keen to look at at the moment, and that is, that in my little studio, with some very basic technology, I’ve created a 3 minute and 59 second long piece of music which I am really rather proud of.

I often feel that the judge of a good track is that your sense of time is distorted – something which will be evident in the video – and that a long track can seem short, or a short track can seem long.

And if you want it to be over before its even begun then it’s probably shit.

You are welcome to download the track if you like it, and I ask for nothing in return – except perhaps, if you have the chance, just drop me a line in a comment, or email, or @reply just to tell me what you think of it. Especially if you have some improvements etc.

So perhaps this is it.

Perhaps this is the change… The “new leaf” which has been turned over to begin photosynthesising and making chloroform for the first time, turning it from a rusty orange, to a lush green colour. Perhaps, this is my niche. Or… Perhaps…. Not…

I shall let you judge that for yourself.


: D


About Philip K. Yeo

Media Production student at Lincoln.
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