#11 Neglect

Well hello there dear reader/mocker!

It has been so long since I last spoke to you and I am so terribly sorry! It feels as though I’ve been neglecting you, but I’ve had good reason! As most English people know, this time of year is GCSE time! For those of you in America and elsewhere, GCSEs are easy to find out about by googling them. ;D

But for those of you too lazy to do so, they’re like big exams that we spend 2 years working for, and they basically sum up the past 12 years of compulsory education. Fun, I know!

And so, it creates rather a lot of pressure, not only to do well, but to give up your social life and any other responsibilities whilst you revise. And so, I have done just that.

Please be aware however, that I have been on twitter throughout and will continue to do so. It seems, however that I have been overcompensating, as yesterday was the Eurovision song contest and I went over my 1,000 daily tweet limit. Knowing what dear Mr Day went through, I was as careful as possible to leave it well alone until the clock struck 12, and now, all seems to be fine.

People don’t seem to have missed my creative outputs anyway (which is terribly encouraging so thanks very much(!)) except, Ellie – who if you don’t know, is one of that fivedifferentvlogs lot (yeah, another five… , yes I know it’s been years since fiveawesomegirls/guys, but they’re doing it anyway!) – who told me the blog was funny and that I should keep writing.

So this is me writing.

So, on the topic of school etc, I had my final day of compulsory education on Friday 13th May 2011 and I can honestly say it was one of the most emotional days of my life. When it came to an end I ended up crying for 20 minutes straight.

We did however, carry on with the tradition of signing shirts and I was sure to have the back of my shirt say pianomanphil (as you can see here if you wish http://twitpic.com/4wrsez ) and then signed everyone else’s shirt with a pianomanphil signature. My little tip of the hat towards you lot and them lot, who are pretty much oblivious of one another!

Anyway, I really am dreadfully sorry that I haven’t been uploading much stuff lately!


But, on the plus side, the music video for acceptance is ready for me to finish off as soon as exams ease off a little bit, AND, I’ve even written you some more songs, AND found an amazing singer for them!

So, I hope that you’ll welcome Sarah into our mad little world with open arms!

She will be singing “stars”, and “jous”, (hopefully)!

Well, I’ve little else to say at this time, and so, thank you very much for being patient with me and just hold on to the fact that after these exams, there’ll be fuck loads more being uploaded to make up for it!


: D


About Philip K. Yeo

Media Production student at Lincoln.
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