#13 How Disappointing

Ok, so I may have posted the video 4 days ago, but at least you get a blog post! *hopeful expression*

The Internet is a terribly odd place sometimes. And YouTube tells me that users of it, LIKE IT that way! Cos, in a video where I dress up in a skirt and wig, use a terribly accent, call myself Mildred and ramble on for the best part of 3 minutes, I get the most views I’ve ever gotten within the first 24 hours of posting – ie 50 within a day, and the most comments and “thumbs” I’ve ever gotten on one video.

Now, whilst these numbers are terribly small compared to most channels, for mine, this is speaks reems. It’s remains to be seen how successful this video is in the long run, but seeing as the videos USUALLY increase around 3-fold on the first 24 hour views, this is set to be the most successful yet. I do not expect, however, this to be the case. Whilst it may be well be the most successful, it is unlikely that it will reach 150 within the next month or so.

I find the reason behind this, rather interesting (I apologise if you don’t, but this is going to be rather boring).

For the rate of increase depends on many different variables… Namely, WHO watches the video. As, some will watch and will be completely uninterested. Others, will watch and perhaps enjoy and comment, BUT because their YouTube and Facebook/twitter accounts are not linked, people are not aware of this. OTHERS, will comment/like/favourite, and their accounts will be linked.

The final kind, however, are my favourite ;D as they will watch, comment, and then go and tell people about it, usually via twitter. I’m hugely aware of people who do this, and enormously grateful! (thats not me telling YOU to do it, it’s me thanking those who DO)

Anyway, that’s enough boring clap-trap about numbers, what about the gossip about “behind the scenes”?

Well, I’d been planning this video ever since I’d heard about “the rapture”, and I rather wanted to make it into a series of bible related videos, and about how different stories would happen today. However, on trying to make this one, I found myself unhappy with the content which I’d created, and so decided to pool together some of the ideas from other videos in the series – ie Mildred’s burning bush.

Also, I made it quite quickly, as each time I started making it, revision kept getting in the way, and I wanted to get it up before the “fateful day”.

So on the Friday, I attempted to go to a couple of revision sessions at school, but they had been changed and I hadn’t been informed, and, as my grandmother lives close by I went there. When strolling round the garden I decided that the bit at the end would be perfect for this video, so got my dad to bring a load of costume stuff over.

Unfortunately, I didn’t anticipate how many characters I was going to film, and so had to mix and match different elements to make up different costumes. You can, if you pause the video at the right point, see that my school blazer is in there at one point!

So, the video, has the links done in my back field and the characters done at my grandmother’s house.

And there you go, if you hadn’t read this, you wouldn’t have known! So it was worth it wasn’t it(!) *another hopeful expression*

As for the rapture, well, that didn’t seem to happen did it! How terribly disappointing! I was at a lovely concert at the time that it was supposed to be happening though, so I’m kinda glad that it didn’t. But what about the people who predicted it? Well, wisely – for a change – they seem to be lying low for the time being.

My favourite thing about this whole thing though, has got to be these people who have set up businesses for pets of Christians. The businessmen say “well we’re atheists, so we’re not going to be saved, but we’ll look after your pets for you once you’re gone”. They charge thousands of pounds for this and have a no-refunds policy. Hundreds of people took up the offer!

Anyway, life goes on – BADOOM! Pun intended.

I have lots of things to tell you about, and I keep meaning to upload blog posts, but keep being distracted by work etc. I have next week off, so I’ll be sure to make a video and tell you all about what’s been happening in blog form!

Thank you for you continued support and kind comments, they give me such joy to read and help to provide that little bit of purpose that I talked about right from my first ever video.



: D


About Philip K. Yeo

Media Production student at Lincoln.
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