#14 Speed Means Responsibility

Well this is jolly exciting!


Today at 5 o’clock, I managed to get two tickets to go to a “Chameleon Circuit” listening party, in which I will get to hear their new album “still got legs”.

(Chameleon Circuit – if you don’t know – are indie band which write songs about doctor who. They’ve been featured in the Doctor Who Magazine and apparently, Matt Smith’s a fan!)

So I thought that I may as well take the opportunity to live out my dream of being a reviewer.

SO: On each day of the following week, I will be reviewing albums from some of Chameleon Circuit’s members, with thursday being Chameleon Circuit’s first album, and Friday being a review of “still got legs”.

I realise that my opinion matters to pretty much no one, but it’d still be nice to voice my opinions on someone else’s work for a change!

The only problem is, is that from Tuesday until Friday, I am going to be without internet, and so I will to walk down to my local coffee-shop to borrow their Internet each day (I rather like this excuse to go for a coffee each day).

NOW THEN, if you’d like the opportunity to hear the album prematurely, then you can get tickets for the same event on the Saturday after. The tickets go on sale tomorrow (Sunday 29th May) at 5:00 pm GMT. They went within a couple of minutes today so get in FAST! Tickets are available from dftba.com .

As part of the event, you get to meet the band. I’m slightly nervous about this as until now, the only famous person which I have met is Derren Brown, and that was shortly and he was lovely. I just find the prospect of meeting people who’s videos I have watched for many months and music I have bought rather odd! Plus, the fact that I am one of very few males who like these musicians, and so I feel as though I’m going to be the elephant in the room – in more ways than one (ooh fat joke against yourself, nice one!)

Anyway, I think that’s all I’ve got to say for now, except, if you don’t like Chameleon Circuit or indie bands, stay away from my blog for the next week.

I’ve yet to decide what the first album which i review will be yet, but you’ll know when its up tomorrow.

Thank you for putting up with my stupid opinions in advance,



: D


About Philip K. Yeo

Media Production student at Lincoln.
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