#19 Rain and SitC

“Well yes I did have a lovely birthday thank you very much! Don’t worry, I know you forgot, I was just glossing over it, I wasn’t going to bring it up, but seeing as you have, yes, you DID forget. You barely noticed that I’ve been gone. Oh don’t give me those excuses, you were on /his/ blog again weren’t you! Weren’t you?! You never call anymore.
Well yes, I know I haven’t been around lately, but I’ve been working on things for you. I released an album of live covers! You didn’t even notice did you? No. I thought not. Humph. Well fine. That’s just fine.”

Is a witty introduction which I wrote around a month ago. It was for a blogpost about SitC. But now, well, “Summer in the City” has been and gone, and I seem to be judging my life and time, no longer by weeks, or months, but by “when did a certain occurrence happen, how long ago was that”. It’s rather good really, as I’m now forcing myself to learn the dates of parties etc, so that I won’t forget, or simply think, “oh, it’s on the Wednesday”. Because, which Wednesday? This one? Next one? The wednesday in a month’s time?

I find this is a little like my content recently. Rather than thinking,” oh, I’ll get it done on Saturday”, I can now plan it INTO my schedule, which is a much more efficient, and enjoyable experience.

A friend of mine, named Ben ( http://www.YouTube.com/BMLRproductions ) is one of my few school peers, who makes YouTube videos. He’s more popular than me and his videos are natural, and pretty much without a jump cut in sight.

This is very different to my approach and my videos. This became apparent when discussing production times. He said that his was around 45 minutes, on average. I wasn’t sure, and so I timed how long it took me from the start of filming to clicking the “upload” button.

It turned out, it was 4 hours and 45 minutes.

This may sound like a lot, or little, depending on your opinions of video making, but if I’m perfectly honest, I loved every second of it. It can often take me a long time, to get up the confidence and energy to make one, but every time I do, I love it.

With it being over 2 weeks since SitC, and 3 weeks since my last upload, I had began to feel guilty. My second channel, has begun to ease that guilt immensely, but really, that feeling, at it’s heart, is wrong.

YouTubers tend to feel that their subscribers are somehow “relying” on them, to release content regularly. They’re not. This became clear, as I received not one message in my 2 month content absence, and in fact, gained around 35 subscribers in that period.

And now, as I pass 75, and head towards triple figures, I realise, that actually, subscribers aren’t numbers, they are (apart from the bots) people. People, who apparently, enjoy my “work” enough to ask to be notified each time I create something new. You would take up more than 3.5 classrooms, if I were to put you into the uk education system. And that’s quite a large amount.

So rather than feel guilt, and a sense of responsibility towards you, I now feel warmth, gratefulness and love.

The click of a button can do and mean, a huge amount.

For instance, in the past 3 days of my “SitC Fun” video being up, it’s had almost 100 views, and 13 thumbs. That’s never happened before. Not to me any way.

Now, I must get back to the actual reason for me writing this blog. I’d like to tell you a little anecdote, from around a week before SitC started. To be precise, Saturday the 6th of August, the day after my birthday.


The rain battered hard against the fresh roof of my new conservatory. It’s sound, diminished hugely, since the corrugated rough plastic had been replaced by thick sheets of transparent glass.

I sat, at the wicker table, a round glass sheet providing a hard level surface for the cup of water I had placed on it. I sat in my wicker chair and listened to the rain.

My eyes panned from the set of windows directly above me, to the decorations surrounding the room. My parents had surprised me with red bunting printed with “16” in big bold white writing, banners proclaiming that “here’s the party!”, strips of shiny plastic wishing me a “happy birthday” and balloons on the morning of my birthday. I loved the balloons, the many coloured, rubber orbs, and the single black and white one in the corner, decorated with movie cameras, and a clapper board saying “diva”, at this I couldn’t help but giggle a little.

As I starred at the different colours, I thought back to the day before. The day when I had “organised” a live show to be broadcast on the Internet, with some friends to help. I use the word “organised” loosely as we were anything but. With little idea of what was coming next it was hectic to say the least, but fun. Very good fun.

I did receive a slight shock however, when Hannah aka PreaussenBlau aka hot german girl, offered to venture from London, to my little village to wish me a happy birthday. Now of course, I said that I could never ask her to do such a thing, as it’s a fair slog in the daytime, let alone at night. ESPECIALLY, when you’re staying in a foreign country.

Little did I know however, that Pepper had decided to give her directions to my house, even though, when she had begged me, I had politely said “no, we will see her next week, and it’s really not fair on her”.

So, whilst watching some friends cook up one tasty plate of wholesome pasta, chicken and pesto sauce, and some other friends cook up a plate of crisps, tomato sauce, burnt chicken and raw pasta, I checked twitter. “hurry up and reply to my DM or I won’t be able to come!” Hannah had tweeted to Pepper.

“you didn’t? You did not?!” I said perfectly calmly as I walked into the other room. “I’m sorry. Please don’t hurt me!” she said. And so, lots of me being rather pissed off and yet remarkably calm ensued. By this time, hot german girl was already on her way and we had no way of getting in contact with her.

My “RL friends”, became increasingly worried, and ended up at the conclusion that “SHE IS CLEARLY A MAN AND WILL HURT PHILIPPA”. It didn’t help, that once pepper had ventured off into the dark to go and pick Hannah up from the station, 2 hours would pass before we’d hear from her again…

Hannah was wonderful. Her English was amazing (and, with time, we Essix-afied her) and the conversation wasn’t awkward at all! Well, apart from one moment when Karley decided that she would pretend to be a chav on first meeting her (the problem was, it was a rather good impression, and I had to beg her to stop).

Before we had really gotten to know one another, it was time for her to leave.

And so, as I looked backed to the window, I saw that the rain was fading away, and leaving a rainbow. I thought this represented Hannah, and the whole of the YouTube community in general incredibly well…


It’s often arrives unexpectedly, messing around with some of your plans, but never destroying them completely. It’s a rare, and rather beautiful experience, especially at this time of the year, and it’s force is untameable. And then, before you’ve had time to really appreciate it, it’s gone, leaving behind, a memory and a rainbow, which ultimately, lasts far longer and is almost more valuable than the experience itself.

I do hope you enjoyed that MASSIVELY LONG post, and that it wets your appetite for more! I have plenty of stuff in the works, and I’ll share it all with you very soon.



About Philip K. Yeo

Media Production student at Lincoln.
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