#20 Alternative Medicine

Yep, so this is a thing I’m doing again now! I’ve finally gotten around to writing a new post, so here it is!

So something that you probably don’t know about me is that up until the age of around 11, my mum took me to a homeopath.

Homeopathy is probably the most widely known and popular form of alternative medicine and (for those who don’t know) is the basic principal that water has memory.

The process of creating a homeopathic remedy involves taking a tiny molecule of a natural extract that would usually cause the condition you’re attempting to solve, then diluting it in huge amounts of water. I’m unsure of the exact quantities, but I’m sure the resulting mixture is in the region of 1 part extract to 1,000,000 parts water (that’s more water than in the Atlantic ocean by the way). The idea being that the water remembers the extract it once had in it (and as pointed out so eloquently by Mr Tim Minchin in his song/poem “storm”: it some how forgets all the shit it’s had in it), homeopathy also states that the element becomes more potent, the more diluted it is (so basically against everything common sense tells us).


Much like religion, at the time I was too young to question what exactly homeopathy, but now that I have, much like religion, looked at the situation objectively and asked “do I really believe that?” I have found that no, I don’t.

I also find it incredibly frustrating when people dismiss regular medicine, instead opting for alternative remedies, stating that “the state is out to get us” etc, and siting useless and irrelevant facts. “Alternative medicine”, by definition, has never been proven. It has no scientific basis and has not been experimented fully with.

And why not? You may ask. Well, for the same reason many things aren’t explored fully, it’s because some aspect of society is scared. Scared that actually, they might have to accept that in their desperate attempts to seem right, and unique, they’ve wandered far from the truth.

And now, of course, I understand, I’m working on the assumption that everything I say is the truth, but after all, that’s what a belief is. Those who say, I believe that God exists, but that he’s only really metaphorical (or something a little less obvious), are perhaps the most infuriating of all. In order to ‘believe’ in something, but must (to yourself) /know/ it to be true.

You can’t have a half baked theory and then fill in the gaps!

That’s why I prefer a scientific way of thinking, because science doesn’t “fill in the gaps”. It looks for answers. Alright, so maybe it doesn’t always find them, but it says ‘we don’t know that part. Yet.’ and if it’s wrong, it accepts it.

Just like, if ever any substantial and physical proof that God exists, or homeopathy works, comes to light, I will completely hold up my hands and say I’m wrong. I have always maintained that I will do that, and I fully intend to do so, if any such thing, ever does happen.


But, and this is a big but! Homeopathy DOES work! No, not just because of a placebo, or any possibility of some watery brain, no. The process of giving the medication works.

The patient is given a half hour slot in which they can discuss many different problems that they’re experiencing in life, and the ‘doctor’ sits back, listens and is very sympathetic.

But then, that’s not homeopathy. That’s therapy.




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