#21 Raising My Hands

So, recently, I uploaded a blogpost where I sort of slated religion and alternative medicines etc. But the point I wish to focus on in this brief post, is where I mentioned how science differs from alternative thinking methods, predominantly, the ability for those of a scientific nature, to put their hands up and admit when they are wrong.

And well, I’m not doing that completely, but I would like to say something along those lines.

One of my friends is incredibly intelligent. He is one of the top young mathematicians in the country (he’s done competitions and shit) and yet, he is a strict Christian. We often get into debates (yesterday for instants) and nothing he says ever really comes close to convincing me that there is the slightest possibility of the existence of a God.

However, after publishing post #20, I asked my friend Carly (my first (and only) fangirl) what she thought of alternative medicine and the like (you don’t want to hurt your fangirl after all!) and the below is the answer she gave me.


THAT, is, I think, a wonderfully moving and profound rambling, from a lovely person.

So, I put my hands up, and say, alternative medicine does help people. More than just in a therapeutic way, but in the many ways Carly mentioned.

Thank you for putting up with these two more serious blogs, funnier ones to come, I promise!




About Philip K. Yeo

Media Production student at Lincoln.
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