#23 Sound Stuff

Recently, I started volunteering at a local community radio station, and as such, my life recently has become sort of swamped in sound stuff. It has also helped to get my creative flows, flowing, once again (I’m feeling more inspired and motivated).

THEREFORE, there will soon be some stuff flying at your faces, and I thought I should address this before it begins. FIRSTLY, there is no cause for alarm, there aren’t any particularly pointed corners which could cause you harm, so that’s all good. SO, WHAT ARE THESE THINGS YOU SPEAK OF?! I hear you screaming at me. Well, please stop being so irate, I was just about to tell you.

Every month or so, I have some of event, to celebrate life and the fact that we’re all still alive and existing, (or I use some other form of excuse) and recently it was a dinner party. My house ended up looking like a restaurant at times, but it was very fun to do!

20120212-165051.jpgANYWAY, whilst people were eating, myself and a very talented friend of mine, who goes by the name of Sean Saville, performed like dancing monkeys (in my case, a poorly trained one). Therefore, at pianomanphil.bandcamp.com you can here the recordings of such performances. If you are a devoted fan and will ONLY LISTEN TO PIANOMANPHIL CONTENT (I do hope that every single person reading this, is one of those) then you can skip to Choices, though doing so would mean missing out on some excellent renditions from Mr Seanus.

There is one little thing I should mention about the “album” type thing. My set included two songs which I wrote. I am not sure whether they will be on the album (though it is more than likely), but they are not completely finished yet. Therefore, they are bonus tracks, AVAILABLE VIA DOWNLOAD ONLY. Ooooooh, I’m such a diva(!)

NOW, FOR SOME BIG NEWS WOT IS NOT THAT BIG, BUT IS DEFINITELY NEW NEWS. You know that thing? That podcast thing? Yeah, that, well that’s coming back. I’m not 100% whether it will still be called pianoman pocast, but it will definitely contain the best elements of PP, with the useless unfunny stuff. I may well re-record the theme tune into something different, and it will probably have more structure than the past version. ALSO, SOMETHING THAT IS VERY GOOD ABOUT THE NEW PODCAST, is that we I will not be having a different guest each week, instead, I will be joined by the awesomeness that is BMLRobins each and every week. He is incredibly talented, and I’m sure will add a huge amount to the show. ALSO, we are hoping to record a full series of 6 episodes. It may well never go past that point, but at this moment, that is my target.

I think that is all I have to tell you at the moment. I am VERY excited about the new podcast, and I hope that you are to.

As always, thanks for reading this post, and listening to the above things (in advance).




About Philip K. Yeo

Media Production student at Lincoln.
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