#24 You Can Buy Stuff If You Want lol

I don’t usually do short update posts, but this is one of many I hope!

So, quite a few people have asked me to make t-shirts or something and so I have. You can buy them here

They retail at $17.99, because that’s as cheap as they sell for when you’re not super-mega-awesome-famous. [EDIT: For the Brits amongst you, I’ve figured out that the cost in sterling including international shipping is about £17.99, so you’re getting a similar deal to the yanks. I know it’s a bit steep, but it’s the best I can do for the time being] The tee’s look like this:

20120227-005310.jpg 20120227-005325.jpg

At the moment you can only buy “that is not a thing” in either black or White, in any size you can wish for, in unisex, but I’m soon going to make a hoodie version, and I have a couple more in the design stage. Keep your eyes pealed.

So, go take a look at the products, if you like something (and can afford it) then feel free to buy away. If not, then that’s fine too. 🙂

PS for only 3 lines of text, those tees took far too long to make!


About Philip K. Yeo

Media Production student at Lincoln.
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