#26 The End

Well friends, the time has come. [raise the roof and have some fun, throw away the work to be done, let the music play-on-play-on. Everybody sing, everybody dance, lose yourself in wild romance, we’re going to, party, cur rumba, fiesta, forever, come on and sing a-long we’re going to party, cur rumba, fiesta, forever, come and sing, my song, ALL NIGHT LONG, all night, all night, ALL NIGHT LONG, all night, all night, everyone you meet, they’re dancing in the street all night long, ALL NIGHT LONG, all night, all night, ALL NIGHT LONG]


ANYWAY. This will (probably) be the last ever blog post I put up on here.

pianomanphil.wordpress.com has served me well, but it’s time to move on. My hours of slogging away with codes and widgets never really gave me the effect I wanted. It has evolved though and from “why I made this here blog” and “those shoes” to it’s current state, there hasn’t been a time where I’ve wanted to throw it in the bin.

As I say though, this is the last post on here.

The reason being, my new website is the next location of this bloggywog. philipyeo.co.uk is, at time of writing, still being set up and so will currently show very little. After hours of trying to put this one onto that one (to make the transition a little more seamless) it has proved impossible (though if anyone would like to correct me, they’re more than welcome).

Blog posts will continue (whether you like it or not), and they’ll be at their new home here.

The current blog will stay as it is, and the next one will start from #27, so I’m not painting over history, (as much as I dislike some of what I’ve written). Pianoman Podcast’s site will live in its usual placefor the time being, until I decide different.

Most people won’t care about this new site thingy, but I’m rather excited about it!

I hope to have a new video up soon, just as soon as I get out of this pit of feeling like nothing I do is worth it/good enough.

The site should be up and running fully within a couple of weeks, as I’m currently juggling editing PP (yes, that’s still a thing, a little later than planned due to various things, but still a thing), school work, and now, with my guitar arriving tomorrow, learning how to get my fingers to do what they’re told.

I apologise if this bored you, but it’s my life, and right now, this is as interesting as it gets. All there seems to be left to say now, though, is:




*there is actually a slight tear in my eye. I have no idea why.


About Philip K. Yeo

Media Production student at Lincoln.
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