Why I’ve Made This Here Blog

I’ll try not to make this an autobiography, because after all, who wants to hear about the life and times of some teen from Essex!

I suppose the main things which I should make clear are what I want to get from this ‘blog-type thing’ and why.

The main reason why I made this ‘blog-type thing’ and in fact pretty much everything I’ve ever done online is my importance in the world – or rather, the lack of it! As I’m sitting here, writing this at 1:19am on a Saturday morning, I know that there are 7 billion are humans who know neither that I exist, nor what I am doing.

And as a probably overly self aware human, I’ve always strived to ‘make my mark’ on the world. I’ve not managed it yet – and I’m not sure that I ever will, but in the process of ‘making my mark’ I feel that I’ve not only grown intellectually but also emotionally. I feel that I owe who I am to the Internet, and this is in part, me giving it something back, to add to it’s massive database of gifts.

Now don’t get me wrong, fame isn’t what I’m after, I don’t think I’d deal too well with fame, I would probably treat everyone as a friend, which apparently isn’t how it’s done.

I have however been told on many occasions that my mum once took me to a “psychic” when I was a baby, and she “foretold” that I would be famous. My mum of course doesn’t really believe in such things, but she has always been a very open minded person. Therefore, when something exciting happens todo with “me online”, I choose these as the times to give my parents little nuggets of insight into this Internet world. She tends to get terribly excited every-time this happens, and so has now adopted the attitude that “YouTube and twitter will provide me with a career, or at least, that’s where it’ll come from”, I am on the other hand, a little less hopeful.

I tend to spend a lot of time analysing things, and this is probably the only time in life when I voluntarily work with numbers. I will analyse people and their behaviours, and more recently, “famous youtubers” and their viewing figures. This, is the main reason as to why I sometimes struggle to match my mum’s enthusiasm for this particular subject.

ANYWAY – I said I wouldn’t make this a biography and I kind of have!

As you can see, my blog posts are NOT grammatically correct. They are written as though I would speak them, with commas at places where I would pause etc.

I also apologise for the many spelling mistakes and lack of sense in many of the sentences, but I feel rather reluctant to take the original tone and energy out of my posts by editing them to be completely correct. And so, for the time being, I shall keep, them, pure.




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