#19 Rain and SitC

“Well yes I did have a lovely birthday thank you very much! Don’t worry, I know you forgot, I was just glossing over it, I wasn’t going to bring it up, but seeing as you have, yes, you DID forget. You barely noticed that I’ve been gone. Oh don’t give me those excuses, you were on /his/ blog again weren’t you! Weren’t you?! You never call anymore.
Well yes, I know I haven’t been around lately, but I’ve been working on things for you. I released an album of live covers! You didn’t even notice did you? No. I thought not. Humph. Well fine. That’s just fine.”

Is a witty introduction which I wrote around a month ago. It was for a blogpost about SitC. But now, well, “Summer in the City” has been and gone, and I seem to be judging my life and time, no longer by weeks, or months, but by “when did a certain occurrence happen, how long ago was that”. It’s rather good really, as I’m now forcing myself to learn the dates of parties etc, so that I won’t forget, or simply think, “oh, it’s on the Wednesday”. Because, which Wednesday? This one? Next one? The wednesday in a month’s time?

I find this is a little like my content recently. Rather than thinking,” oh, I’ll get it done on Saturday”, I can now plan it INTO my schedule, which is a much more efficient, and enjoyable experience.

A friend of mine, named Ben ( http://www.YouTube.com/BMLRproductions ) is one of my few school peers, who makes YouTube videos. He’s more popular than me and his videos are natural, and pretty much without a jump cut in sight.

This is very different to my approach and my videos. This became apparent when discussing production times. He said that his was around 45 minutes, on average. I wasn’t sure, and so I timed how long it took me from the start of filming to clicking the “upload” button.

It turned out, it was 4 hours and 45 minutes.

This may sound like a lot, or little, depending on your opinions of video making, but if I’m perfectly honest, I loved every second of it. It can often take me a long time, to get up the confidence and energy to make one, but every time I do, I love it.

With it being over 2 weeks since SitC, and 3 weeks since my last upload, I had began to feel guilty. My second channel, has begun to ease that guilt immensely, but really, that feeling, at it’s heart, is wrong.

YouTubers tend to feel that their subscribers are somehow “relying” on them, to release content regularly. They’re not. This became clear, as I received not one message in my 2 month content absence, and in fact, gained around 35 subscribers in that period.

And now, as I pass 75, and head towards triple figures, I realise, that actually, subscribers aren’t numbers, they are (apart from the bots) people. People, who apparently, enjoy my “work” enough to ask to be notified each time I create something new. You would take up more than 3.5 classrooms, if I were to put you into the uk education system. And that’s quite a large amount.

So rather than feel guilt, and a sense of responsibility towards you, I now feel warmth, gratefulness and love.

The click of a button can do and mean, a huge amount.

For instance, in the past 3 days of my “SitC Fun” video being up, it’s had almost 100 views, and 13 thumbs. That’s never happened before. Not to me any way.

Now, I must get back to the actual reason for me writing this blog. I’d like to tell you a little anecdote, from around a week before SitC started. To be precise, Saturday the 6th of August, the day after my birthday.


The rain battered hard against the fresh roof of my new conservatory. It’s sound, diminished hugely, since the corrugated rough plastic had been replaced by thick sheets of transparent glass.

I sat, at the wicker table, a round glass sheet providing a hard level surface for the cup of water I had placed on it. I sat in my wicker chair and listened to the rain.

My eyes panned from the set of windows directly above me, to the decorations surrounding the room. My parents had surprised me with red bunting printed with “16” in big bold white writing, banners proclaiming that “here’s the party!”, strips of shiny plastic wishing me a “happy birthday” and balloons on the morning of my birthday. I loved the balloons, the many coloured, rubber orbs, and the single black and white one in the corner, decorated with movie cameras, and a clapper board saying “diva”, at this I couldn’t help but giggle a little.

As I starred at the different colours, I thought back to the day before. The day when I had “organised” a live show to be broadcast on the Internet, with some friends to help. I use the word “organised” loosely as we were anything but. With little idea of what was coming next it was hectic to say the least, but fun. Very good fun.

I did receive a slight shock however, when Hannah aka PreaussenBlau aka hot german girl, offered to venture from London, to my little village to wish me a happy birthday. Now of course, I said that I could never ask her to do such a thing, as it’s a fair slog in the daytime, let alone at night. ESPECIALLY, when you’re staying in a foreign country.

Little did I know however, that Pepper had decided to give her directions to my house, even though, when she had begged me, I had politely said “no, we will see her next week, and it’s really not fair on her”.

So, whilst watching some friends cook up one tasty plate of wholesome pasta, chicken and pesto sauce, and some other friends cook up a plate of crisps, tomato sauce, burnt chicken and raw pasta, I checked twitter. “hurry up and reply to my DM or I won’t be able to come!” Hannah had tweeted to Pepper.

“you didn’t? You did not?!” I said perfectly calmly as I walked into the other room. “I’m sorry. Please don’t hurt me!” she said. And so, lots of me being rather pissed off and yet remarkably calm ensued. By this time, hot german girl was already on her way and we had no way of getting in contact with her.

My “RL friends”, became increasingly worried, and ended up at the conclusion that “SHE IS CLEARLY A MAN AND WILL HURT PHILIPPA”. It didn’t help, that once pepper had ventured off into the dark to go and pick Hannah up from the station, 2 hours would pass before we’d hear from her again…

Hannah was wonderful. Her English was amazing (and, with time, we Essix-afied her) and the conversation wasn’t awkward at all! Well, apart from one moment when Karley decided that she would pretend to be a chav on first meeting her (the problem was, it was a rather good impression, and I had to beg her to stop).

Before we had really gotten to know one another, it was time for her to leave.

And so, as I looked backed to the window, I saw that the rain was fading away, and leaving a rainbow. I thought this represented Hannah, and the whole of the YouTube community in general incredibly well…


It’s often arrives unexpectedly, messing around with some of your plans, but never destroying them completely. It’s a rare, and rather beautiful experience, especially at this time of the year, and it’s force is untameable. And then, before you’ve had time to really appreciate it, it’s gone, leaving behind, a memory and a rainbow, which ultimately, lasts far longer and is almost more valuable than the experience itself.

I do hope you enjoyed that MASSIVELY LONG post, and that it wets your appetite for more! I have plenty of stuff in the works, and I’ll share it all with you very soon.


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#18 Creepy Lady

This is a very odd place. The computer keyboard is all wrong, and I accidentally just switched it off and on again when trying to log into facebook. Couple that with the loud,not terribly well played/sung music downstairs, and the fear that there is someone behind me, watching me write, and itś surprising that you’re seeing this at all!

It seems that currently, this is my only form of communication with those not following me on twitter (though if youŕe not, its unlikely that youŕe reading this anyway). So why I dont I ramble on about how my life has been since I last wrote one of these, to waste away the hours.

Firstly, the main reason for me not writing one of these in ages, is that firstly, I was busy and then I decided that I wanted to begin writing a little more seriously. I’ve written a couple of things which should be heard, not read, which is a terribly liberating experience. I imagine that I’m sitting in front of an audience, reading aloud to them, the words which I write. Its mainly liberating because I forget about the fact that it will probably never happen, and instead, concentrate on sounding witty, funny and just nice.

Its also rather liberating, as I don’t have to write things in a separate way to how I would like to write them, so that people will understand exactly what I mean, and in which tone I say it, as I already know, and can convey that in my voice, with my pauses, sighs and impressions.

Anyway, my party was wonderful, pride was fantastic and prom was quite good, if not, at times, slightly humiliating. Ive got back into composing, and tried to make a video three times. Each time Ive scrapped it and gone a completely different way.

More recently though, I’m not having the best of times (but not the worst of times either, so…). Yesterday consisted of getting up at 3:30am having my parents monitor everything I eat, and crying after finally talking to friends again.

Today however, consisted of reading Derren Brown’s newest book, ‘confessions of a conjourer’ and listening to Chameleon Circuit’s ‘still got legs’on repeat, many times.

The highlights so far are easily recognisable. The cute model-looking cabin crew member who kept looking in my direction, the ability to teach my parents phrases and watch them use them etc.

There have, however been some stranger aspects to my recent days.

For example: ‘creepy lady’-

Creepy lady is a rather old woman who I saw on our first day here. She is rather large, has long white hair and wears red flowery silk clothing. A little like a fat version of old Rose in James Cameron’s ‘Titanic’.

Old Rose from the film Titanic.

(but with longer hair)

Creepy lady has been staring at me, every time I’ve looked in her direction.

She stared at me when I first walked past her yesterday. She stared at me as she got changed. She stared at me at dinner. She stared at me this morning at breakfast. She stared at me this afternoon. And she stared at me this evening.

The situation has not been made any better by my mum’s suggestion that ‘maybe she fancies you’.

The problem is, its not just her. I realise this is really just typical teenage paranoia, but it seems that people here have absolutely no problem in just staring at me as I walk past their table and/or sunlounger. I’m trying to work out why. Is it my impeccable taste in clothes(!), or the food which I have chosen (perhaps the prospect of a teenager voluntarily having salads is completely alien to them), the red hair, or something else? What ever it is, its not showing signs of stopping.

There are, however, some attractive people here, and with this, I’ve made a stunning realisation. To show someone my interest in them, I tend to make a ‘bitch I despise you and all those unfortunate people who have ever associated with you’. I don’t mean to do this. And, if someone else has this automatic response, it would seem as though we want to claw each other’s faces off. On the reverse of this, someone may take my expression as hostile and so may hate me for it. I am so counter intuitive.

Speaking of which, they have here, lots of lifts (or elevators) with stairs right next to them. It is an extreme rarity to see someone actually use these rather wonderful marble steps, next to carefully molded cast iron topped with wood banisters. So, I have taken to using these, rather than the clunky (if not occasionally glass) and jerkily mechanical boxes. It appears that this is not the ‘done thing’, as people seem to give me odd looks as I race past them, book in one hand, sunglasses in the other. I of course, am only using the stairs to make use of the wonderful artistry put into them, and are of course, not using them to help stave off my guilt of eating so much recently(!).

I have yet to make use of the large heated sea-water swimming pool, and am even less likely to do so today, as everyone seems to have suddenly gone from t-shirts to shirtless. As you will know if you’ve watched my videos from the start, I don’t ‘do’ t’s. Or at least, I didn’t… I recently spent far too much money to finally get a summer wardrobe. And I am going no further than a stripey t and some chino shorts. The shirtless culture isn’t really my ‘thing’.

I really don’t have anything more to say, seeing as I’m completely and totally exhausted and so just need to go to bed. If you’d like to communicate with me for any reason, I shall be ‘online’ as they say, at around 9 each night during the coming days. Don’t hold me to that, but it’d be nice to talk to some of you.

I do apologise if this made very little sense, but the heat is going to my head!

Wishing you a wonderful summer, and promising you some form of creation when I next get the chance (probably at the start of august).




PS I’ve got a second channel now. http://www.youtube.com/pianomanbored

yeah, that’s something that’s happened.

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#17 Squashy Oversized Euphemisms

Bloody hell, its been weeks since I’ve posted on here!

If you follow me on twitter (@pianomanphil XD) you’ll know that I haven’t been as active as usual (or, you haven’t noticed, in which case, good for you, you have a life, if you have noticed however, I love you more than the others). This is both my choice, and not.

I’ve not posted a video in a little while, and I feel that now my exams are over I can be more creative. However, this will take a while, and, at the moment, everytime I come up with a little nugget (many of which would help to make a video), it goes straight into twitter, and so, becomes unusable.

I must, however, say that twitter has provided me with more support than anywher else in my life recently. From many people telling me that no, I shouldn’t remove my work from bandcamp, to the most wonderful experience I’ve had in a very long time.

A few days ago, a girl @replied to a tweet which I posted about an advert which annoys me (something which would usually go in a video) i never, ever mind people doing this, and as a rule, I always reply to @replies on twitter. She apologised for just randomly starting a conversation and said “I’m subscribed to you on youtube and love your videos”. (Now, miss Philippa, in less than 140, that girl did much more for my morale, than any Japenese girl in WHSmiths could! : P) So many thanks to her.

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot more done than I’d expected. I have, for example, now finished the backing track for “stars” and have gotten some opinions on it. I have been informed that it is “cute”, to which, of course, I cringed and began mentally scrapping the song. I have, after some persuation, decided to keep the song, and with the right vocalist, I’m sure it’ll be fine.

When playing the backing track to one of my friends, they informed me that perhaps each instrument should come in one by one. I nodded and said “oh yes, that’s a good idea”. I did not, however, mention that i was trying to do the complete opposite to this, as that is what tends to happen with all of my music, and to be honest, i don’t really want that to become my “thing”.

I have also been painting (walls, though canvases are next), cutting grass (getting ready for a party) and cooking (a keen passion of mine, but something which I’ve rarely had the time or energy to do before).

Today, for example, i made vegitable curry (as I am currently on what I secretly call, my “hardcore diet”, getting ready for prom. Part of this is eating as much vegitarian food as possible. Also, i wish i was one, but my parents have never let me, given as I’d probably become vegan as well given half the chance), this involved at least 10 different types of vegetable, the most difficult to prepare being butternut squash.

If you have ever eaten butternut squash, you will know that it is soft, and yellow-orange in colour. If you have ever prepared butternut squash you will know that it is neither.


The recipe called for a whole one, but given that i could not fit both hands round the base of it (yes, that sounds like a “that’s what she said joke” but it did, infact look like a hugely oversized thick, yellow-grey erect penis) I decided to go for half of it. I cut off the long (penis like) end, and was left with just a large ball (no comment needed). The skin, of squash is so tough, that you need to put most of your weight behind the knife in order to cut it, and so, of course, it must be remove before being eaten (the skin, as well as the knife that is).

Trying to peel this large tough seemingly inedible vegetable resulted in there being seeds, skin an god knows what, all over the chopping board, worksurface and floor. The inside of a squash looks much like a pumpkin, except much more disgusting. Scooping out the filling from each of the segments which I had now cut, involved my hands turning an almost blood red, whilst the filling was only a deep orange.

Nonetheless I can safely say that “the squash side of the kitchen” was left well alone untill the time came for me to sort through the squishy mess and put the correct part of the vegetable into the pot.

The recipe was not terribly clear, and had very few instructions on how the vegetables should be prepared (ie chopped or whole). The one thing it wasn’t missing though, was half a page of mundane and irrelevant background. “I found this recipe when my friend Sarah and I visited Thailand on our round the world trip. Sitting on beaches, sipping cocktails and having massages, we really got a feel for the culture as the country passed us by.” Oh get over yourselves I groaned, as I continued emptying cans of coconut milk into the mixture.

I have recently discovered the wit, and utter genius of David Sedaris (go check him out if you haven’t heard of him, BBC iPlayer is a good place to start) and so am beginning to feel more inspired to write for you guys (cos i love you!).

I hope to provide you with something a little more creative and substantial soon, though at the moment, my time is being taken up by party planning, rehearsals, and hairdressing appointments. I plan to make a video soon.

Many thanks for your continued support, both on twitter, and around the world.

: D


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#16 “Still Got Legs” review

Today I went and listened to Chameleon Circuit’s new album as well as meeting them. It was a fantastic evening, and, as promised, my review is below! In order for me to write this, I had to spend the entire listening session writing notes against each of the titles in my lyric book. So I hope it’s ok!


“Still Got Legs” is vastly different to the debut album of Chameleon Circuit. This album feels much more professional, produced and finished – even though we were unable to hear the complete product as it’s still a work in progress.

Legs seems to be less about a few very strong songs and some more filling ones (as seemed to be the case in the first album), but more about each song being separate, different and strong in it’s own right. With this, however, comes a slight vagueness – if not a freedom – as to which genre (other than trock) this album most fits into. Alex said that “it is a combination of many different styles; rock, electronica… Its just Michael genre.”

Legs is also a much more full-on album, and as such, the occasional songs with acoustic guitar seem to be a little empty, rather than the norm. Some songs even roam into the depths of metal and on one occasion a little screamo (the sound of drums).

I love how many references there are to the actual tv show in this album, with many of Murray Gold’s themes being used throughout, it just seems more like an ode to Doctor Who, rather than an attempt to ride on the back of it – a worry for all bands writing about brands.

When I asked the band who was responsible for the new sound and feel of their music, the unanimous decision was that it was down to Producer, Michael Aranda. When he discussed some of the techniques that he used to produce this album, it seemed clear that he was passionate about Chameleon Circuit, and as such, the band pretty much said that he’s the fifth member, as, he is responsible for many of the instrumental parts on the album.

As different as Legs is from the debut album, they seem to have kept their values as heart, as there are still a few very funny moments throughout, and it just seems clear that the band have had fun making it.

One thing, which did annoy me a little, though, (which was not really the bands fault) was that because it had been so long since the first album was released, there were a few mentions to Tennant’s doctor and the final episodes, and so, if you’re hoping for a solely Matt Smith related experience, that’s not quite what you’re going to get. As a result of this, though the album has been arranged to sound best and flow well, it can sometimes be a little off putting and confusing as to which series we’re in.

The main thing about this album, is that the lyrics seem to have been thought through a lot more, and as a result, have much more meaning! Michael also said that by getting members to sing each other’s song, they give new meaning to them. And I agree with this whole heartedly. Legs, seems less about trying to make every other line rhyme and a lot more about conveying a message.

My favourite songs, are probably “regenerate me”, “teenage rebel” and “kiss the girl” seeing as the first is very atmospheric and fits this series of Doctor Who well, and the latter two are both very catchy!

My favourite MOMENTS though are in “still not ginger”. This song is wonderfully playful, funny and enjoyable! So whilst it may not be melodically my favourite song, it certainly is for most quirky and fun.

However, there are a couple of songs which I’m not too sure about, for example, “Silence and the end of all things” has a very odd format of no chorus and two lined verses, this however, kinda works, and the use of one of Murray Gold’s themes on the line ‘bluest blue’ really makes up for any faults in it.

As for “everything is ending” and “the sound of drums” the first is a sort of romantic ballad duet and the second sounds a little like a song from a musical, in the best way possible way. “big bang two” has had a total refit and sounds fantastic, “Nightmares” has a metal feel to it, and I didn’t enjoy this one as much as others, possibly as it’s not the usual genre that I enjoy. “travelling man” is a song in which the lyrics are vital and are naturally the focus, the tune is a little like a lullaby which fits well to the feel and message of the lyrics.

“the doctor is dying” is a lot more cinematic and uses sounds from the show, and a very atmospheric ending to create an all together different song from the others on the album. “mr pond” is an example of a song which, with the surrounding songs, sounds a little empty (its also a song which the people around me insisted is a cover of ‘Mrs Nerimon”, I still don’t think it is).

All in all, well worth pre-ordering. It’s set to be a very interesting combination of rock and punk fit for all. Different people, like different things, and maybe if the last album wasn’t for you, then this one might!

As for the actual day, it was one of the best of my life. The atmosphere was wonderful, the band were lovely and willing to answer questions and sign various things! And I made some new friends too! Plus, they had pizza! : D

If you are going tomorrow, just be aware that the mix is not quite right yet, and that everyone there is absolutely lovely!


And take a rubix cube. (I’m looking at you Laura)

Thank you for listening to my inconsequential opinions once again.

Yours Phil


PS but really though, it’s a fucking fantastic album, well worth buying.

: D

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#15 Fail

You know how I said that I was gonna review an album each day this week? Well that never happened. For many reasons. Predominately, because I’m completely and totally exhausted.


But really, the tagline above just sums it up.

I WILL however, still be reviewing “Still Got Legs” on friday (or there abouts) and perhaps, if you’re really lucky, I’ll review Chameleon Circuit’s first album!

Anyway, I really must get to sleep. I’ve written some more music recently, and I do hope that I can upload something for you very soon. : )

Thank you for not hating me,



PS it seems that no one noticed anyway, so there you go!

: D

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#14 Speed Means Responsibility

Well this is jolly exciting!


Today at 5 o’clock, I managed to get two tickets to go to a “Chameleon Circuit” listening party, in which I will get to hear their new album “still got legs”.

(Chameleon Circuit – if you don’t know – are indie band which write songs about doctor who. They’ve been featured in the Doctor Who Magazine and apparently, Matt Smith’s a fan!)

So I thought that I may as well take the opportunity to live out my dream of being a reviewer.

SO: On each day of the following week, I will be reviewing albums from some of Chameleon Circuit’s members, with thursday being Chameleon Circuit’s first album, and Friday being a review of “still got legs”.

I realise that my opinion matters to pretty much no one, but it’d still be nice to voice my opinions on someone else’s work for a change!

The only problem is, is that from Tuesday until Friday, I am going to be without internet, and so I will to walk down to my local coffee-shop to borrow their Internet each day (I rather like this excuse to go for a coffee each day).

NOW THEN, if you’d like the opportunity to hear the album prematurely, then you can get tickets for the same event on the Saturday after. The tickets go on sale tomorrow (Sunday 29th May) at 5:00 pm GMT. They went within a couple of minutes today so get in FAST! Tickets are available from dftba.com .

As part of the event, you get to meet the band. I’m slightly nervous about this as until now, the only famous person which I have met is Derren Brown, and that was shortly and he was lovely. I just find the prospect of meeting people who’s videos I have watched for many months and music I have bought rather odd! Plus, the fact that I am one of very few males who like these musicians, and so I feel as though I’m going to be the elephant in the room – in more ways than one (ooh fat joke against yourself, nice one!)

Anyway, I think that’s all I’ve got to say for now, except, if you don’t like Chameleon Circuit or indie bands, stay away from my blog for the next week.

I’ve yet to decide what the first album which i review will be yet, but you’ll know when its up tomorrow.

Thank you for putting up with my stupid opinions in advance,



: D

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#13 How Disappointing

Ok, so I may have posted the video 4 days ago, but at least you get a blog post! *hopeful expression*

The Internet is a terribly odd place sometimes. And YouTube tells me that users of it, LIKE IT that way! Cos, in a video where I dress up in a skirt and wig, use a terribly accent, call myself Mildred and ramble on for the best part of 3 minutes, I get the most views I’ve ever gotten within the first 24 hours of posting – ie 50 within a day, and the most comments and “thumbs” I’ve ever gotten on one video.

Now, whilst these numbers are terribly small compared to most channels, for mine, this is speaks reems. It’s remains to be seen how successful this video is in the long run, but seeing as the videos USUALLY increase around 3-fold on the first 24 hour views, this is set to be the most successful yet. I do not expect, however, this to be the case. Whilst it may be well be the most successful, it is unlikely that it will reach 150 within the next month or so.

I find the reason behind this, rather interesting (I apologise if you don’t, but this is going to be rather boring).

For the rate of increase depends on many different variables… Namely, WHO watches the video. As, some will watch and will be completely uninterested. Others, will watch and perhaps enjoy and comment, BUT because their YouTube and Facebook/twitter accounts are not linked, people are not aware of this. OTHERS, will comment/like/favourite, and their accounts will be linked.

The final kind, however, are my favourite ;D as they will watch, comment, and then go and tell people about it, usually via twitter. I’m hugely aware of people who do this, and enormously grateful! (thats not me telling YOU to do it, it’s me thanking those who DO)

Anyway, that’s enough boring clap-trap about numbers, what about the gossip about “behind the scenes”?

Well, I’d been planning this video ever since I’d heard about “the rapture”, and I rather wanted to make it into a series of bible related videos, and about how different stories would happen today. However, on trying to make this one, I found myself unhappy with the content which I’d created, and so decided to pool together some of the ideas from other videos in the series – ie Mildred’s burning bush.

Also, I made it quite quickly, as each time I started making it, revision kept getting in the way, and I wanted to get it up before the “fateful day”.

So on the Friday, I attempted to go to a couple of revision sessions at school, but they had been changed and I hadn’t been informed, and, as my grandmother lives close by I went there. When strolling round the garden I decided that the bit at the end would be perfect for this video, so got my dad to bring a load of costume stuff over.

Unfortunately, I didn’t anticipate how many characters I was going to film, and so had to mix and match different elements to make up different costumes. You can, if you pause the video at the right point, see that my school blazer is in there at one point!

So, the video, has the links done in my back field and the characters done at my grandmother’s house.

And there you go, if you hadn’t read this, you wouldn’t have known! So it was worth it wasn’t it(!) *another hopeful expression*

As for the rapture, well, that didn’t seem to happen did it! How terribly disappointing! I was at a lovely concert at the time that it was supposed to be happening though, so I’m kinda glad that it didn’t. But what about the people who predicted it? Well, wisely – for a change – they seem to be lying low for the time being.

My favourite thing about this whole thing though, has got to be these people who have set up businesses for pets of Christians. The businessmen say “well we’re atheists, so we’re not going to be saved, but we’ll look after your pets for you once you’re gone”. They charge thousands of pounds for this and have a no-refunds policy. Hundreds of people took up the offer!

Anyway, life goes on – BADOOM! Pun intended.

I have lots of things to tell you about, and I keep meaning to upload blog posts, but keep being distracted by work etc. I have next week off, so I’ll be sure to make a video and tell you all about what’s been happening in blog form!

Thank you for you continued support and kind comments, they give me such joy to read and help to provide that little bit of purpose that I talked about right from my first ever video.



: D

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