Pianoman Podcast

Now into its second series, Pianoman Podcast is the collaboration effort youtubers Phil Yeo (pianomanphil) and Ben Robins (BMLRProductions). Trailer for the new series of pianoman podcast

Each week, Ben and Phil bring you the most bizarre stories in world news, answer listeners’ questions, bring you a film recommendation in 14 seconds and analyse the week in -the genius that is – popular women’s magazines.

You can find us on Twitter at: twitter.com/pianomanpodcast and email the show at: pianomanphil@hotmail.co.uk

People have said about the show:

“5 Stars: Clever, original humour that appeals to a great range. Versatility and adaption to any situation, these guys really will have you laughing insanely to yourself, yet you won’t feel alone. Listen or you’re missing out on some lovable podcasts!”

“It’s very, very funny. Listen to without food or drink, there is a danger of choking.”

“Pianoman Podcast is absolutely fucking amazing! I can’t wait for more, it really brightened my mood.”

“Witty, fast-paced and genius from start to finish. Well worth listening to.”

“The funniest thing on 4 wheels. All without any wheels at all.”

“The ferocious lovechild of hilarious comedy and harmless trivia.”

“Pianoman Podcast is amazing and very funny! All those involved deserve a pat on the back.”



“Pure, unadulterated, laughter inducing, chunks of sound”

“Keep up the good work!”

If you’d like Ben and Phil to answer your question, fill out the form below and keep your ears pealed for the next show!


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