Episode 1

If, for whatever bizarre reason, you don’t have iTunes, you can listen to this episode of Pianoman Podcast, here.

Well we’re back, after almost a year, for (hopefully) a six episode series! It’s lovely to have Ben join the team permanently, to add some continuity to it all and his own unique slant of comedy on the world.

This series is already sounding better and funnier than the first, so what a wonderful way to start!

With our new feature “You Ask Us” we need you to get in contact and send in YOUR questions! They can be about ANYTHING, from food to physics! We’ll research the answer and make sure you get an answer!

We’ve also added “Bizarre News”, where we cover the weirdest of the world’s news stories from the past week.

Starting this week with a story about a town in Somerset who ended up with a Swastika made of flowers, in the middle of one of their roundabouts. You can read the fully story here.

We then move onto an article about a Funeral Parlour in LA which have an added “unique” feature of a drive-through section, where you can view the deceased in an open coffin. You can read that article here.

And finally for this week, we have a story about a singer who claimed to have returned from the dead, after becoming the victim of witchcraft, and held in captivity by Zombies. You can read the full news item here.

And of course, we analyse various stories from popular women’s magazines “Pick Me Up” etc. Some of our favourites from this week include the Star Signs, and a section where readers send in pictures of their partners without tops on. This isn’t because we like staring at half-naked men, but rather because, at no point, is there any indication that consent has been given by the featured men.

On a similar note, we liked the section where parents seem to attempt to auction off their children, this week, including a rapist-looking man, and a woman, ready and waiting in a taxi. We also loved the tips sent in by readers, including a Molten Chocolate face-mask, which would get rid of all blemishes! (And most of your skin).

It seems that reader submitted content provides the most giggles, as women who wish that they could fly BECAUSE they’re scared of flying, always give some comic-relief.

"It started with mashed potato"

This week, as per the norm with Pianoman Podcast, we end with the “Letter From The Editor” section, which always seems to be the section which simultaneously makes the most, and the least sense. This one in particular is brilliant because it seems to be oneĀ continual trailer for the magazine which has already been purchased by the reader… It also seems that in her position as editor Sam has simply read the first couple of stories in this week’s edition and repeated exactly what was said.

Well that just about sums up this week’s podcast. I hope this little page about it served some form of purpose, and we’ll see you next week!


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