Episode 2

If, for whatever bizarre reason, you don’t have iTunes, you can listen to this episode of Pianoman Podcast, here!

Yup, it’s here, episode 2! This week with special guest Meldon. When we say we pulled her off the street, we mean it. Obviously she is our friend but we literally said to her “How would you like to be in our podcast?” “Err, when are you recording?” “In about 5 minutes.” “Alright.”

With your questions, we talk about time travel and eating technology. Safe to say, it isn’t advisable to eat your phone, but there is a company trying to make it acceptable to!

In Bizzare News we start with a chicken nugget that looks like George Washington. You can see the article and a picture of the nugget in question, here. EDIT: Since making the episode, there’s been a pretty unbelievable update.

Next up, there’s the death of worldwide celebrity and hero, Gregg Jevin. Read the full story here.

Finally, there’s Hank, a very special candidate running for Senator. See that, here.

And if you want to here the magazine articles, you’ll have to listen to the podcast (because we can’t be bothered to write them up here.)

Hope you enjoyed this week, see you next time!


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