Those Shoes

Shoes?! What shoes?!

Those shoes which are just above this here text!

Yeah? So? What about them?

Well I just thought you might be interested! Ok, so i’ll stop talking to myself now and explain. The more astute of you will have noticed that the pair of shoes in the banner are the ones which I often wear in videos. And yes, they are black and purple.


Well I had to buy TWO WHOLE PAIRS of shoes in order to just wear one! URGH! What a backwards world we live in! Anyway, I WAS planning to get blue and red, but they didn’t have any, but who knows, I may get some soon!

The laces however, were a christmas present from a friend who knows me too well. When i first opened them, I must admit that I thought “why on earth has she bought me these?!”. But now, every time I put those shoes on, I think of her!


Well, I’d been meaning to change the banner of the blog for a while, but couldn’t figure out how I wanted it. I knew that I wanted the shoes in it, but not much else!

So, when I saw the sun going down on a lovely sunny day, a thought suddenly hit me. So I rushed out the door putting my coat on and telling my parents that i’d be back in 10 minutes.

I ran down the road to the local park and tried desperately to get the shot that I wanted. I knew that I wanted the shoes on a sunset style sky, and I THOUGHT that the way to achieve that would be with the swings. The main problem I found though was that when I finally swung high enough so that you could only see sky, the shoes come out blurry from the speed of my movement.

So then I tried getting onto the slide, to see if that would work. I can honestly say that that particular slide is one of the scariest things I’ve ever been on! Not only was it only half of my width, but it was also held up only by two metal bars. I was therefore extremely reluctant to let go of the bars long enough to get a decent picture. Plus, I couldn’t lean back or i’d fall off. So I moved on to a different technique.

I wonder what would happen if – I thought – I was to sit at the bottom of the slide and face up. That way, I’d have better leverage for my legs to lean up with, I’d be in the right direction for the sunset and there would be very little distraction in the foreground.

And sure enough, it worked.

With a LOT of adjustment to the lighting. I hope it looks quite natural as I had many attempts as covering the flash to get a decent look to it.

So although you see this:


And with a lot of time and careful editing, this:


What was actually happening was a lot less romantic, and looked a lot like this:


I do hope you like the banner, as I’ve rolled the theme out to all of my pages on the interwebs. Do please message me with your opinions about anything I do! x


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